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How do I qualify for the guarantor service?


Whether you are from the UK or from abroad, you can qualify for Housing Hand guarantor service on some conditions described below. The easiest way to see if you are eligible is to use our quick and free application form. Once you are accepted you will likely be asked to provide the following documents.

If you are a student, you will be asked to provide:

- proof of study in the UK

- a photo ID 

- cosigner's details and documents

If you are a professional, you should provide:

- a photo ID

- proof of income, stating you earn at least 1.5 time the monthly rent (payslip, bank statement, company letter)

- cosigner's details and documents

If still you are unsure of whether you are eligible it is worth filling in the quick and free application form as this will give you an answer instantly and a quote within minutes.

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    Corrado Garofalo

    What happens when a letting agent wants to vet the guarantor and know his credit rating, ID and annual income?Are you able to offer that or is the guarantor a non physical person? I'm asking because my letting agent has asked for those guarantor details.

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    Housing Hand

    Hi Corrado,

    The Housing Hand guarantor is a non-physical person, yes but we can still do any reference checks as required as a company. Usually, we would deal with the Letting Agent directly so this would not have to be a concern for the tenant.