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What is the Housing Hand student rebate policy?


Student tenants who have come to the end of our service may be able to claim back a certain amount. 

They will be eligible to claim a Rebate if: -

  • They paid the service fee in one instalment (as opposed to paying Monthly).
  • They did not breach the tenancy agreement during the period of tenancy.


Housing Hand will rebate a percentage to students of the final tenancy period with Housing Hand dependent on the period of time they have used the service. For one year this is 15%, two years 30%, three years 45%.

This is applicable upon request within 30 days after the end of the tenancy.  Rebates are not paid out prior to the end of the tenancy agreement.

To claim a rebate, please send your bank details to:

The rebate is paid within 28 days of the application, and to avoid money laundering, these must be the tenant's account details only.

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