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Why do I need Housing Hand's Rental Guarantor Service?


You have the option to use Housing Hand’s Rental Guarantor Service if:

  • You prefer not to ask a relative or friend to be your Rental Guarantor
  • You want to quickly secure your property
  • You do not want to pay your rent 6-12 months upfront if you do not have a Rental Guarantor
  • You do not have an eligible UK Rental Guarantor (For example if you are an international student or professional and cannot provide a UK based Rental Guarantor)
  • Your Guarantor does not meet the Accommodation Provider’s qualifying requirements such as: They are not resident in the UK / They do not have a qualifying amount of income / They do not own their own home / They have a bad credit rating / They have failed a credit check / They have no permanent address.

For more information on why you should use Housing Hand UK Guarantor Service or who can be a guarantor, check out our news section

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