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What are the benefits of using Housing Hand Guarantor service?


In the majority of cases, UK letting agents will not show you available properties to rent unless you already have a rental Guarantor in place.                       

If you do not have a Rental Guarantor, your Accommodation Provider may give you the option to pay your rent in advance. This is normally a payment of 6 to 12 months upfront.  However, in many circumstances and even if you do pay upfront, your accommodation provider may still request that you provide a UK guarantor to secure your rented property.  Terms and conditions vary and we recommend that you check this with your provider. 

Paying large sums of money upfront can be a risk and could leave you in a difficult position should your rented home be repossessed or if there is damage or an emergency that requires you to vacate the property. It can also leave you in a weakened bargaining position should you require the landlord to carry out any maintenance tasks.  By using Housing Hand as your rental Guarantor, you will be able to pay monthly and protect yourself from such risks as these.

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